Yacht Club Captain's Grille Breakfast Review

This location brings back so many great memories for me, so anytime I can eat here I will jump at the chance! Working here, I have tried many different items on the menu, but I definitely have my favorites. If I had to pick one time to eat here, I would easily pick breakfast. They have an ala-carte menu as well as a breakfast buffet, so there really is something for everyone here.

The restaurant opens at 7:30 am, ala-carte breakfast menu ends at 11:00am, and the buffet ends at 11:30am when they switch over to lunch. This is one place that you typically can get a table by walking up, but reservations will reduce your wait time if it is busier than usual. I went right when they opened and was seated right away.

We always recommend having a reservation, it will make everything easier for all parties involved.

The buffet here is wonderful and has some yummy options, but I don’t typically eat enough (in the morning) to justify getting the buffet. The price is around $23 for adults. I opt for something from the ala-carte menu, more specifically the dark chocolate waffles. There are three smaller waffles with espresso-mascarpone cream and dried cherry compote on top. I am not a huge fan of cherries, so I get them with strawberries instead. These waffles are extremely rich and I can only eat 2 of them! But they are absolutely delicious. The price is $13.00, AP discount is available.

Captain's Grille is under refurb from May till fall 2017 to shrink the size of the location. It is unknown at this point if the menu will be changing. During this time, they will be temporarily moving to Ariel’s on the Beach Club side. They will not have the breakfast buffet available while they are at the temporary location.  I’m excited to see what changes come to this location, I’m sure they will only help improve upon an already great sit down option.

Captain’s Grille is also open for lunch and dinner, the menus are similar in style with a good amount of seafood options. Have you ever ate breakfast at the Captain's Grille? Let us know what your favorite menu item is in the comments!