World of Color Dining Package | Wine Country Trattoria Review

World of Color is one of the most spectacular shows in any Disney park. It is incredibly unique and because of that, people will wait hours to get the perfect spot. Californian’s are extremely dedicated to waiting for shows, like 5 hours before MSEP dedicated. There are a few tricks to get a great viewing spot for World of Color, but my personal favorite is the World of Color Dining Package. Dining packages are very common throughout the Disney parks for various shows and parades: you can make a reservation at certain restaurants which includes a pre-set menu for the location and then preferred viewing areas to the certain show. For World of Color, there are three different options of restaurants; Ariel’s Grotto, Carthay Circle, and Wine Country Trattoria. I have previously eaten at Carthay Circle, it is the most expensive of the three so we decided to try something new and made a reservation at Wine Country Trattoria.

We had a reservation at 6:30pm but checked in a little early and were seated at 6:20. The restaurant is outdoors and is a beautiful location - we could see Cars Land and Paradise Pier behind us. Since it is an outdoor location and it was a little chilly during our trip, they had heat lanterns throughout the seating area which was a nice touch! Once seated, our waiter introduced himself and asked if we had done the WOC package before. Since I had, he didn’t take the time to explain how it works. If it is your first experience with the package, they will explain how the pre-set menu and the preferred ticket seating works.

The package itself comes with three courses; appetizer, entree, and dessert. The menu changes seasonally, but there are generally the same type of options. For appetizer, you can select soup or salad, entree has about six options ranging from fish, chicken, beef, pasta, and two other options. Dessert is a sample platter with various smaller tastes. The menu as of January 2017 is shown above.

They take your order all at once for the whole menu. To start, Erica ordered the salad and I ordered the soup. There were two choices for soup, Minestrone or Italian Wedding, I went with the wedding soup. They bring over a basket of bread, a soft rosemary bread, that I thought was pretty decent. When I dipped the bread in my soup, they complemented each other well. Erica thought the bread was okay, but really loved her salad. I also loved my soup; it was a smaller dish and warmed me right up. It had a very pesto based flavor with some spice and noodles, I would get it again. We only had our appetizers for about five minutes before our entrees arrived. We were surprised at how quickly it came and the server apologized for not having more time to eat the courses, but we didn’t mind too much.

For our entrees, Erica and I both ordered the ribeye steak, it came with garlic potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts. Erica likes her steak medium-well, I prefer mine medium for the first time eating at a restaurant. The meat was a little more cooked than I liked, I would have it done medium-rare next time. The steak itself was good, nothing special and a little salty to my taste. Erica really enjoyed the seasoning on her steak, she loves a good salting. The side dishes were the real winner here. The potatoes were cooked perfectly and had a great flavor, the brussel sprouts were also well roasted and crunchy without having that burnt taste that accompanies them a lot of the time. We were so full by the end of the entree course and didn’t know if we could make it to dessert! (Just kidding, we love dessert.)

The dessert round came and it was on one plate, but two of each item to share. The plating was really a nice touch and presented the items so well. There were four small desserts; tiramisu, panna cotta, pistachio creme puff, and a french maracron dipped in chocolate. Both Erica and I loved the tiramisu, it was the best on the plate. The maracron was very yummy and the panna cotta had a great flavor and texture. Erica wasn’t a huge fan of the creme puff since she likes to have sweeter desserts, which you don’t get with pistachio flavor. Overall the food was an 8/10 on my scale and I would eat there again! The price came to $46.00 a person before tax and tip. They also accept AP discounts.

Once we paid the bill, our server provided the tickets to enter the viewing area. The tickets look just like a FastPass, they say where your section is and what time to enter the viewing area. If there are two WOC shows, you will be given a specific showtime. For our experience there was only one showing at 9:45pm, the return time (the time you go to your viewing spot) was between 9:15-9:45. We entered around 9:00pm because they almost always open the area earlier than listed. The viewing area for Wine Country Trattoria is shared with Ariel’s Grotto, Carthay Circle is separate. All viewing areas are great, but keep in mind Carthay Circle is a little further back.

The true reward of this area is that it is a lot less crowded than the others that are FastPass distribution areas. We had a phenomenal view of the show - dead center with no one's head in our line of vision. If you're already planning on spending $30-$40 on dinner, you may as well upgrade and do the dining package, it is so worth it! If you have done this package before, did you like it? Let us know in the comments!



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