Why You Should Spend Your Disney Day Meeting Characters

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One of my favorite ways to spend time at the parks is meeting characters. Yes, I am 22 years old…. but there is something so magical about talking to your favorite characters. Whether it is being scared by a villain, chatting about dresses with a princess, or dancing with Chip and Dale, there is always fun to be had with characters.

Our last trip, we tried to focus on meeting new characters and others we haven’t had the chance to meet before.

To start our day the Magic Kingdom, we had breakfast at Plaza Inn. Because of this, we met a lot of characters to begin with. This included Minnie, Chip, Dale, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Captain Hook, Pinocchio, Honest John, Max, and Fairy Godmother. That was a lot of characters, and honestly most we have met, but there were a few special experiences there. If you want to meet a lot of characters at once, be sure to plan a character dining experience. Most of those characters we had met previously, but there were a few special ones that were new to Erica and me.

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Next up, we headed to Pixie Hollow. We have met Tinker Bell countless times before, but they have fairy friends that meet with her in Disneyland, which is so fun. The attendant at the front of the line told us we would be meeting Rosetta and since it was only a 5 minute wait, we figured why not! But to our surprise, we were the first guests to meet Tink that day. She is one of my favorite characters, so it was fun to chat with her and get some great pictures. As we headed out of pixie hollow, the line had jumped to 45 minutes. Glad we timed that right!


We moved towards Adventureland to meet up with Moana. Since she is new in the parks, we haven’t had the chance to meet her yet. We waited about 20 minutes and it was so worth it. She meets next to Jungle Cruise and it is setup with a darling background that looks like the sails of her canoe. We chatted about all the delicious food we love to eat and then she taught us to "wayfind." Be sure to take the time out to meet Moana, it is worth it!


Since we love love love Star Wars, we had to visit the Launch Bay. Erica had yet to meet Chewbacca and neither of us have met Darth Vader, so we knew it was time to do just that. We waited only about 20 minutes for Chewbacca and he was so great. He wouldn’t stop hugging and squishing us, I would take him home with me if I could! Darth Vader is a great meet and greet as well. Since I am a Disney Visa holder, we didn’t have to wait in your typical line. It only took about 3 minutes of waiting to meet him. If you haven’t met a Star Wars villain yet, it is a unique and hilarious experience. They can be so intimidating! Darth is tall and likes to get up in your face and of course, points and shakes his finger at you. He even knew Erica was the rebel spy they were looking for, which was great since she was the rebel spy on Star Tours only a few hours earlier.

One character experience we had was unplanned and yet was great. We were on the Mark Twain boat talking to a PhotoPass about being cast members and out of nowhere, Dr. Facilier showed up. We asked the PhotoPass if there was a line and he told us we could be the line if we wanted. So we did just that! He escorted us onto the boat and asked us what deal we wanted to make with him. I tried to get him to get me a lifetime pass to all Disney parks, but he informed me him and the mouse were on the outs. But he said he would see what he could work out. Villains are a different character experience, because they get to be a little more playfully evil.

Photos above where taken by Disney's PhotoPass

We didn’t meet any characters at California Adventure since most we have met before. They had some special character experiences for the Lunar New Year, but we weren’t ready to wait an hour.

Do you have any must meet characters in the parks? Let us know in the comments who you love meeting!



As a little girl, I went to Disneyland a few times, but my true love of Disney sparked my freshman year of college. I had the chance to do a quick weekend trip to Disneyland with two friends. During this trip, I fell completely back in love with the entirety of the Walt Disney Company. It was then a few months later, my family ventured to the opposite coast and visited WDW. Here I met a CP, who inspired me to start my own Disney Journey. A few years later, I can’t get enough of Disney (ask anyone who knows me)!

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