What is DisneyBounding?


DisneyBound or DisneyBounding has become an incredibly popular thing to do in the last few years. In a Disney park, you are not allowed to dress up as characters except for Halloween Parties. Even then, there are strict rules to what you can and can’t do for costumes. Disney wants to preserve the magic as much as possible for their characters, so they can’t have 100 Ariel look alikes walking around. Well Leslie Kay, creator of DisneyBounding, decided to take a new direction and the DisneyBound was born. For more information, be sure to check out http://disneybound.co.

DisneyBounding is incredibly fun and there are so many ways to be creative. During a Disneyland trip in 2015, Erica, Taylor, and myself decided to put together some fun DisneyBounds. Below are the details of our outfits.

We wanted to do a DisneyBound of princesses, of course. We thought it would be a super fun way to dress up a little bit and aspire to be some of our favorite Disney ladies. Can you guess who we are?

I went the Rapunzel route, Taylor went with Anna, and Erica went with Snow White. Erica took a unique twist and decided to do a Mary Margaret-Once Upon a Time vibe. It was a little bit more subtle but turned out so cute. I had a purple dress in my closet I knew would work well, but I needed something a little extra, so I decided on creating a flower crown. I had a lot of people “recognize” me so I felt like I did pretty good. Taylor had the perfect color combo with her Anna inspired look and when completed with the braids, it was perfection.

Our second DisneyBound was more focused on the group look, a trio of characters. And since we were at Disneyland, what better trio that the Three Good Fairies. I had a green dress in my closet, Erica had a red dress in hers, and Taylor had a blueish purple dress in hers. Could we have planned it better? I don’t think so. In order to be unique, we each added a hair accessory to our ensembles. Taylor had a darling bow for her bun, Erica had a beautiful yellow sunflowers headband, and I created a mini hat that clipped in my hair. We even made sure to stop by and say hello to our Princess Aurora.

Us sisters haven't bounded as much as we'd like so far, but our trip back in 2015, during Disneyland's 60th Anniversary Celebration, we went for it! You can check out our video from that trip that gives you more glimpses at are bounds!

DisneyBounding is a great way to express your inner Disney without going too crazy. You can almost always find exciting items in your closet and add a few touches to finish it off. None of us had to buy a new article of clothing, we all had what we needed. Be creative, there are so many possibilities out there. Have you ever DisneyBounded?