Disneyland's A Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour

When most people go to a Disney Park, attractions & shows are always the main focus, which if you have read any of my other blog posts; you would know that I am one of those people! However, today’s post is about not about an attraction or a show but a tour where you get to walk in Uncle Walt’s footsteps around his first magic kingdom.


What is it?

A Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour is a daytime tour that explores around Disneyland with the help of a knowledgeable and sharply dressed guide. You get to experience some of the classic Disneyland attractions that are unique to the story of Walt Disney like Peter Pan’s Flight, King Arthur’s Carousel, Haunted Mansion, and the Enchanted Tiki Room, walk down Main Street to marvel at the street windows and the picturesque buildings and shops, and then finally get to the Holy Grail of Disneyland secrets: going inside Walt Disney’s secret apartment above the Main Street fire station! Yes, you read that right.

This was by FAR the most magical part of the tour. Now don’t get me wrong all the other stuff was cool too: the trivia by the Disney guides, getting to be in the front of the line at some of my favorite attractions, having lunch at the Jolly Holly Bakery, and getting an awesome pin commemorating it all. But for any true Disney fan, it is your life goal to get up to that apartment (and Club 33 but that’s a story for another time). It was small and we weren’t allowed to take a lot of pictures in it except in the living room but it was still awesome to be standing in a room that Walt Disney lived in. It made me feel a part of the park’s history; it was just a great, special moment.


  • This is a walking tour so make sure and wear comfortable walking shoes and carve out at least 3-4 hours in your Disney day for this tour. It starts right in the morning and goes into the late afternoon.
  • Make sure you have your camera on hand to take pictures of the backstage areas but still keep it classy, San Diego.
  • Enjoy this experience and just drink it all in! Not a lot of people get to do this tour so just put the phone away and relax!
  • The tour costs $109.00 per person and that includes the lunch or dinner provided(depending of the time you do it). I would recommend reserving this tour up to 6 months in advance just because it is such a popular tour.


If you have a chance to ever do a Disney tour, take advantage of it! This is a once in lifetime opportunity and are in very high demand but so worth it as a separate experience in the parks!