The Princess Purpose | Tiana

Oh Tiana. What an awesome character she is! This gal is definiltey in my top favorite Disney princesses. Let me give a run-down on why Tiana is our spotlight this month for The Princess Purpose.

 Source:  Gify

Source: Gify

She knows that dreams require effort

Tiana is an ideal example of what it is to work hard. In order to reach her dreams of owning her own restaurant, she has the determination to save up money and is willing to sacrifice fun nights out with friends in order to reach her goals. This girl does not take handouts!

In her movie, Princess and the Frog, she’s told that wishing on stars isn’t enough; you have to work for your dreams. She wishes, she works, she sacrifices. And in the end, through all her hard work, she ultimately reaches her goals, and owns her own restaurant.

 Source:  Gify

Source: Gify

She’s a good role model for all ages

All the characteristics portrayed by Tiana in this film make her an excellent role model. She’s one of the most relatable Disney princesses for most viewers, and that’s mainly because she’s a realistic character. She has the doubt and struggle that dreamers come across. She experiences hard times, and through those times her actions show her true character: a hard-working, kind, and honest young woman who never gives up on her dreams. Her endearing personality, coupled with her realistic approach to life make her a wonderful role model for people of all ages and genders.

 Source:  Gify

Source: Gify

She Ends Up with the handsome Prince… with good reason

In many Disney princess love stories, the princess gives up her previous life to be with the prince (which I realize that some of these instances are the MUCH BETTER option, i.e. Cinderella). But in The Princess and the Frog, it was Prince Naveen who gave up his past life to be with Tiana, and he helps her achieve her dreams. She truly does get the best of both worlds!

What do you think of Tiana? Let us know why you love her in the comments!



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