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 SourcE:  IMDb

SourcE: IMDb

Rapunzel is joyful, relatable, kind, quirky, and brave. She seems to stand out from the other ladies in the Princess lineup.

From the beginning, she was never preoccupied with finding her “prince”, never really thinking about finding love until romance naturally blossomed between her and Flynn. Though she’s the princess in the tower, she doesn’t need rescuing – all she needed was for someone to give her a push!

Rapunzel is naturally charming! Through her film Tangled, she manages to get almost everyone on her side. Within minutes of meeting Flynn Rider, she charms him enough to get him to help her go see the floating lanterns. She charms a bunch of scary-looking thugs in the Ugly Duckling tavern to sing and help her out! Heck, she even convinces strangers in a new city to form a dance circle! Which in my opinion, is one of the best scenes ever!

While most of Disney’s princesses get sort of shoved into their adventure, Rapunzel leaves her tower and sets out on a journey and she’s totally joyous about it! She embraces the mystery of a new adventure.

 Source:  IMDb

Source: IMDb

When she finally escapes from the tower and travels on her own, she’s torn between doing what she thinks is right and what her mother thinks is right. This makes her one of the most relatable Disney heroines since she experiences guilt when making her own decisions. I think we’ve all experienced that… amirite?

You could argue that all of the princesses have a duty to be kind, but Rapunzel has gone through a major tragedy and would have every right to be depressed or mean… but she isn’t. That’s my personal favorite traits of Rapunzel: her kind heart. This is shown best in the final scene between Mother Gothel and Rapunzel. After Flynn cuts Rapunzel’s hair, Mother Gothel flails about the tower, then trips. Just before she falls to her death, we get one of the best moments of forgiveness in Disney history: Rapunzel reaches out to the woman who stole her from her family, imprisoned her in a tower, and stabbed the love of her life. She forgives her.

Rapunzel shows ideal princess potential through her kindness, optimism, courage, and willingness to forgive others. Imagine our world if more of us were like Rapunzel?

What do you like about her?



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