The Princess Purpose | Anna

 Source:  Oh My Disney

Source: Oh My Disney

Disney has always done a good job with creating characters who are relatable and real. In recent years however, it has been nice to see the newer princesses getting a modern twist with some added sass, sarcasm, and quirkiness. One of the characters that embodies this new brand of princess is Anna, from the smash hit, "Frozen".  

First of all, she is just so REAL. She loves things that most women love: parties, chocolate, and cute boys. Every once in awhile she gets a little bloated or gassy. And she stumbles over her words when she is nervous. What could be more relatable than that?!

Something else that is admirable, is that she wants to see the best in the world, and in people. She trusts so willingly (which got her in a bit of trouble... but that's beside the point). We need more people who see those around them, as inherently good. We need people who are optimistic and can find the positives, in otherwise negative situations. And we need more people who are willing to give others the benefit of the doubt. People who realize that just because you are hurt by someone, doesn't mean that they did it out of spite or malice, or even on purpose. Everyone deserves a chance to explain themselves and to be trusted again. 

Anna is creative and intuitive. When she is stuck in a sticky situation, she finds a way out. She uses her ability to relate to people to her advantage, and everyone comes out as a winner, in the end.  

Determination is another trait that Anna shows throughout her journey. When it comes down to her having to travel all by herself, with limited supplies and navigational skills, she is more than willing to do it. She had fallen in love, and she didn't care the obstacles that were in her way (one of which only knowing her "love" for a few short hours). And most importantly, she also knew within herself, that if anyone could help her sister, it was her. And no one could stand in the way of that. She would succeed in finding and helping her sister. No matter the cost.

Anna is strong. Her life was ripped apart, after she couldn't be around her sister anymore, and her parents had both died. In turn, she was forced to live a life of seclusion. She had plenty of excuses to become bitter, and to ultimately end up as the villain of the story. But she rises above that. She chooses to cling onto the good, and to valiantly make it through those trying years.

 Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Finally, the most impressive trait that Anna possesses, is her fierce loyalty and love. She is willing to stick by her sister, even when she doesn't fully know her, or her story. She is willing to protect and defend her, even after everything that they had been through, solely based on the fact that they are family. If she knows one thing, she knows that sisters don't abandon each other.

Although Anna may not be the most coordinated, or proper, of princess, she exemplifies the traits that are most important. She knows what it truly means to love those around her, and the responsibility that comes along with that love. And Anna, we love you! Thanks for showing us what it really means, to be royalty!