Disney Parks Fashion for a Preteen

Children will inevitably reach an age where they don’t feel comfortable dressing in their favorite princess dress. It is a terrible reality for Disney loving parents who have adored dressing up their son or daughter in costumes and let their imagination run wild in the parks. There is nothing more magical than a little princess dressed in her favorite costume meeting the character she admires so much. There are so many fun and creative ways to dress them! But the day will come where they may outgrow that part of their life, and it breaks your heart.

But there is hope! I have a sister who is 9 years old who loved to play dress up and wear her Disney costumes all the time. But over the past year, she has become a little teenager and decided that she is too old for princess costumes. It literally broke my heart! So on our trip to Disneyland over the summer, I took advantage of her age and we put together some Disney inspired outfits for the trip.

We had three full days at the park and we had a ton of fun putting her outfits together. It was during the 60th celebration, so of course one outfit would be inspired by the dazzling blue diamond celebration. This day was her most decadent outfit and I was in love. I worked with a few Etsy shops to customize almost the entire outfit, the details are as follows:

  • Hat | Custom Creation from Hat and Mouse. Lisa worked with me and did an incredible job, I was in love with the final product. Still am!
  • Skirt | Custom Creation from Taylormade Embroidery. We had so many wonderful compliments on her skirt and she loved wearing it.
  • Shoes | Custom Creation from SparkleWithSteph. We gave her the details from the skirt and hat and she came up with the most darling pair of shoes I have laid eyes on.

Our second day was a Star Wars inspired outfit, think you can name the character she was going for? The most darling droid in the galaxy of course! Details are as follows:

  • HatHat and Mouse
  • Skirt & Shirt | She had an orange shirt already in her closet and we found the perfect skirt to match from H&M. I am a big believer in wearing dresses and skirts to the park, I think they are so much more comfortable.

The third and final day was a “Disney food” inspired look. Jessica has an obsession with Mickey Waffles. She had seen a hat available on Hat and Mouse and had wanted it for so long. So she saved up and bought it with her own money! Details are as follows.

  • HatHat and Mouse
  • ShirtCustom Creation from Stephanie Parker, she is my cousin and does fun things like this all the time. She made this shirt, and Jessica was in love.
  • Shorts | We found red shorts to match with the look and it pulled the outfit all together.

She received so many compliments our entire trip and she was in heaven because of it. For two of the days, we had PhotoPass cast members who took her on a mini fashion shoot because they thought she was adorable. She may be grown out of the “princess dress phase” but that doesn't mean you can’t have fun and create “Disney inspired” looks in the parks.

As for boys, they're another story! Erica here, finishing off this post with the boys side of Disney fashion. My little brother and I have gone to the parks several times, and each time I realized how important it is for him to be comfortable and confident. Such an easy and simple way to travel. On our last trip he wore clothes from Target mostly. He wore one of his favorite tee shirts from Animal Kingdom in WDW.

Be creative and have fun with your outfits, it makes the experience that much more special.