Keeping Up with Your Religion on Your DCP

While in the Disney College Program, there are so many things to see and do in the parks as well as at your role location. We Sisters had the best time eating, laughing, riding rides, and enjoying all the magic but sometimes it was challenging with all the fun to keep up with our religious observances with our busy work schedules. All of the Sisters are Christians and as such, we follow certain practices to maintain our beliefs and standards. So today, I would like to share some tips of how you can keep up with your religious beliefs and practices while on your Disney Program.


Religious Observance Days

If you have a specific religious observance day or celebration, ask for that time off IN ADVANCE. If it is a weekly observance, just know that you will not always get that day off every week. Sundays, being a special day for most Christians, is one of those days that proves to be busy at the Parks since its is still part of the weekend. I was able to not work on Sundays the majority of my program with only having to come in on a Sunday like 2 or 3 times.

How to Work Around Schedules

If you do have to work on your religious observance day, you can keep those religious traditions alive by reading religious books while on your break or listening to uplifting music on the bus ride over to your location. I also found that being extra kind or service-oriented towards coworkers and guests, on those days when I was working on a Sunday, really helped to keep that spirit alive in me and in the guests that I served! There are always ways to keep the spirit of your religion alive even if you aren’t able to worship or observe in your normal way.

Find People with Your Similar Religion

The best way to keep up with your religion on the program is to get together with people of your same religion or beliefs. You can help each other in strengthening your beliefs or go observe religious days together. I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have my roommates (aka the Sisters) share the same standards and beliefs as me. It made it so easy to relate and become close to them with us already having something in common! They also served as a great examples of Christian service and pure love in everything they did!

What did you do to keep up with your religion on the program? If you have any other ideas of how to observe religious practices, just comment below!