Hollywood Studios Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano Review

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Nestled in the back area of Hollywood Studios sits a restaurant gem, Mama Melrose’s! Of course the full name is Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano (say that five times fast), but it is commonly known by Mama Melrose’s. It is located next to Muppets 3D vision, behind Star Tours area in the Muppet Courtyard. It is open for lunch and dinner, the menus are pretty much identical. They also offer the Fantasmic! Dining Package at this location. If you want to make a reservation including the dining package, make sure to book it here.

If you haven’t caught on by now, the restaurant is heavily Italian (duh). I snagged a reservation a few weeks before my trip for a late lunch. The idea was to have it hold me over for lunch and dinner, but that didn’t really happen. With it being as hot as it was, I ended up getting a light salad for dinner during Fantasmic!. I arrived about 20 minutes early to check-in and was seated right away. It helps being a party of 1 or 2, typically parties are larger and cannot fit at a “2-top” table. The interior of this restaurant is very unique, but open and inviting. Unfortunately it is dark, so pictures are hard to take unless you use a flash.

The menu was very standard, lots of Italian dishes. I was craving spaghetti at that point, so I knew exactly what I was going to order. But just in case, I scanned the menu to see if anything else caught my eye. My server Sam greeted me and was very friendly, one of the best servers I have ever had in fact. He reminded me so much of a server I used to work with at Disney, I couldn’t believe it! The entire meal, he called me princess in his wonderful accent. After I placed my order, he brought me my drink and bread with olive oil and herbs to dip it in. The bread is standard Disney rolls, nothing to rave about. With the dip, it was a nice warm start to the meal.

Not to much later, I was presented with a massive bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. With a price tag of $20, it is quite a large portion. The noodles were not what I was expecting, they were a more “squarish” spaghetti noodle. It caught me off guard, but made it interesting to eat. The sauce was the star in the dish, it had such an incredible flavor. It was the perfect blend of tomato and herby. I typically don’t get meatballs, but since it came with it I figured I would try them out. They were cooked well and had a great flavor and texture.

I only ended up being able to eat ⅓ of the bowl because it was so filling. On a hot Florida day with lots of walking, carb loading is a great way to boost yourself. Being as full as I was, I still  wanted to see what was on the dessert menu. I strongly believe in the theory that there are two stomachs, a regular one and a dessert one. There were some great options on the menu, but I decided on the dessert sampler. It comes with three smaller desserts; valencia blood orange cake, lemon cheesecake topped with passion fruit pearls, and tiramisu. None of the desserts wowed me, but they were yummy. I only ate a few bites of each, so it is a great dessert to share with your party.

As I requested the check from my waiter, he informed me that he felt bad I didn’t eat very much and only charged me for the kids meal spaghetti. I was so touched, because that is almost an $11.00 dollar difference. (Don’t worry, I made sure to tip him extra!) The kids meal spaghetti came to $9.25, the dessert sampler was $6.00. With a drink added in, my total came to $18.74 before tax and tip. What a steal for a huge Disney meal! AP discount is available at this location as well. Have you had the chance to eat here before? Let us know your favorite dish!



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