Hidden Gems in Epcot: Picking a Pearl in Japan

Epcot is full of unique and exciting things to do. You have your usual festivals, events, and entertainment, but you also have hidden gems to find throughout the park. Our first hidden gem suggestion, picking a pearl in Japan!

As you enter the pavilion, there is a store called Mitsukoshi Department Store. It is like the Emporium of Epcot, it is that extensive! You can purchase authentic and truly awesome merchandise here. It is within this store that you can find the spot to pick a pearl. 

There are two tanks of oysters, so you really can’t miss where you do it. You first purchase a ticket, then the fun begins. The price of the pearl is $18.00 with tax. They say the ugliest shells have the prettiest pearls, but they all seem pretty ugly.


They then split open the shell and dig out the pearl. They do this super fast, so be sure to pay attention. They rub it in sand to clean it and then wipe it off. Once it is clean, they measure the pearl and tell you the color. My pearl was 7mm and a pinkish pearly white.


They do a quick beating of the drum and have you recite some fun things. It definitely attracts a crowd, so be prepared to have everyone staring at you! They will place your pearl in a bag and hand it off to you. There are options to have it set in jewelry, but I decided to keep mine as is (for now). Overall, it is a unique cultural experience and you get a great piece of merchandise to commemorate your time in Epcot!