Guest Post: A Day in the Life of a Parade Audience Control Cast Member

Have you ever searched for hidden Mickeys in the Walt Disney parks? They are all over! Some are on buildings, some are on the ground, some are naturally occurring, and some are man-made. I’ve searched for hidden Mickeys before, and it is such a fun experience. But something I didn’t realize until years later, was how my DCP experience was the best hidden Mickey I ever found.

Hey everybody! Catherine here! My DCP was in Walt Disney World from August 2010-December 2010. I was twenty years old and finished my second year of college. I had never been to Disney World before, and couldn’t wait to go. Just as we learn from UP, “Adventure is Out There!” My adventure just happened to be in Florida. Once we went through Traditions, a super magically packed training and tour of the Magic Kingdom, I couldn’t wait to see what my role would be.  

What was my role? Parade Audience Control. I know, it sounds like something the Mad Hatter would say as his profession. But believe me, I wouldn’t have changed my role for any other one.

If you have seem these cast members, they tend to come out around 1:30-2:00 pm before the “3 o’clock parade”. They also come out at night for the later parades. When I was there it was for the two Disney Electrical Parades. We didn’t wear fancy outfits and we weren’t in the parade. So if you weren’t looking for these hidden Mickeys, you wouldn’t notice them. But when these cast members come out from back stage, you are in for a good time.  

Up and down the parade route from Main Street to Splash Mountain, PAC cast members are busy setting up their areas and entertaining guests. That’s right, we were entertainers! We were always encouraged to do PAC activities. These activities varied from hoola-hoops, hacky sacks, Duck-Duck-Donald, Mickey Says, creating a marching band, and my year’s personal favorite, hop-scotch made out of masking tape. Creating these special memories were magical moments for both me and the guests. The children loved to play games, and it was nice for their parents to have a break. I talked to the children about their favorite characters, I talked to families from all over the world about their visit, and I even helped cheer-up families who were having a not so magical day. I got to be a hidden Mickey for them.

Honestly, if you need help with anything during your visit to the park, find a PAC cast member. They can tell you the best spots to watch the parade; they can tell you how to get across the park if you need to get on your Space Mountain fast pass; they will point you to the nearest restroom; they will give you directions when you are all turned around; and they will tell you where you can find a turkey leg (there’s usually a cart in Frontierland).

If you’re thinking of going on a DCP adventure, do it. Go, and find your hidden Mickey. See ya real soon friends!