Dose of Disney Men | Prince Charming

 source:  IMDb

source: IMDb

One of the most iconic names in all of the Disney history, Prince Charming. While it may not be a proper full name, it is easy and recognizable. How many of us wish for our own Prince Charming? 

I must admit, the OG Prince Charming may not have much of a history or defined personality, he did have a sense of humor. I mean, that yawn during the ball to diss his dad? Hello sass! And not to mention, when he sees Cindy, he goes right for her. I like a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to show it. He fell head over heels (punny right?) for our girl Cinderella. And when she disappeared as the clock struck midnight, he was determined to find the mystery girl and marry her. He has such a wonderful heart and cares so much for Cindy. 

 Source:  IMDb

Source: IMDb

While during the live-action remake we got a bit more story to our beloved Charming, it only made him better. Don't we all need our very own Prince Charming? I sure think so!