Dose of Disney Men | Peter Parker

 Source:  IMDb

Source: IMDb

This Disney {Marvel} man sure knows how to get my spidey senses tingling unlike any other, and I know I am not alone in that one. Where do I even start? The brains, the beauty, or the brawn? Peter Parker has all of these things going for him, which makes him our Disney man this month. 

I know what you are thinking, is he really a “Disney man”? In our minds, absolutely. It also opens up our pool of Disney men to some super individuals. But right now, Peter is all we can think about. After making his debut into the Avengers during Civil War, he quickly jumped up on our radar. And he is still sticking there and won’t be swinging away anytime soon.

First off, Peter is an extremely intelligent individual. Involved with numerous clubs and activities at school, you can tell immediately he has a sharp mind and it comes in handy when he needs to swing off to be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Obviously all of our Disney men are eye candy, it just makes it that much better. Peter is no exception, while he may 15 in the film, you see a handsome young man who is destined to get all the ladies (with or without help from his counterpart). And he has great style; I mean, have you seen that spidey suit? Hot dang.  

 Source:  IMDb

Source: IMDb

Finally, you get the brawn. Not just brute force like Thor, but a kind of brawn where he is very aware of his body and uses it the way he needs to in order to save people. He absolutely has some impressive build on him, but he knows how to work all that he has. Think Peter has a dance background? Maybe… just maybe…

Peter Parker is ready to make a name for himself, we are so very ready to see what he can do in Infinity War. Will he continue to impress Mr. Stark? Will he official become an Avenger? This Disney man has a lot going for him already, now let’s see what else he can impress us with.

If you're needing more Peter in your life, you're in luck as Spider-Man: Homecoming is now available for digital download! 

*Disclaimer: Tom Holland we adore you. Thanks for being the Spider-Man we all needed.*



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