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 Source:  IMDb

Source: IMDb

Okay so Naveen may be a bit of a smooth-talker. Even flip-flopper (pun intended). But here’s the thing: he convinces one of the most level-headed Disney female protagonists to kiss him while he was in frog form! Now that is some smooth-talking talent.

In the beginning of Princess and the Frog, Naveen was extremely spoiled, lazy, and vain, as a result of his privileged upbringing. But personally, I don’t feel that he was ever malicious. Once he arrives in New Orleans his only concern is to party as much as possible. He never wanted to work for anything.

Though at times it’s frustrating, the free-spirited Naveen has a tendency of bringing joy to others! While initially a bother to Tiana, Naveen was quick to become close friends with Louis and Ray, who enjoyed the prince's fun-loving nature. When he finally does admit his shortcomings, he appears very ashamed of himself.

 Source:  IMDb

Source: IMDb

The ambitious Tiana had a big influence on the prince and brought out the best in his character. Without knowing it, she motivates him to alter his dreams and make something of himself! From that moment forward, Naveen was no longer concerned with having money, but determined to better himself and to help make Tiana's dreams become a reality. Through this big flip-flop of a change (see what I did there?) he becomes a very selfless individual who also values the happiness of others.

In the end, Naveen really is a prince to swoon over.



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I am huge lover of Disney films, yes as an adult without children of my own. I love them for their positive messages, their catchy music (oh, the music!!), their oh-so-quotable humor, and their amazing examples of good vs. evil.

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