Disneyland's Bengal Barbecue Review

There are so many great quick-service food locations within the Disneyland Resort. Disneyland is far superior to Disney World on quick-service food because of the variety in foods from location to location. Erica and I had the chance to finally try Bengal Barbecue on this last visit. We had a pretty big breakfast that held us over for a few hours, so when we started to get hungry we wanted something a big lighter, we decided to head towards Adventureland. Bengal Barbecue is located right across from the Indiana Jones entrance and next to Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost shop. The idea of this location is grilled skewered foods and it does it well.


The menu has 5 main skewers and a seasonal skewer inspired by Moana, as well as “extra provisions” like chips, fruit, and Tiger Tails. Erica and I decided to get two skewers and a tiger tail. We ordered the Bengal Beef Skewer which had three pieces of large meet in a sweeter teriyaki sauce, the Safari Skewer which is asparagus wrapped in bacon with lemons on the side, and then the tiger tail which is a breadstick.


Let’s start with the meat! It was cooked well and was very tender, the sauce was a sweet and spicy mix and was delicious. I wish there was more pieces that were smaller and easier to eat, but since it was tender, we could bite through it without much effort. If you like your meat more well done, be sure to request that at the register, not after they have already given you the food. The next skewer was the veggies, the asparagus was nice and tender and the bacon was crispy. The flavor is subtle, so when you add the lemon juice to it, it really completes it, it was very good. The tiger tail was the only one I didn’t love as is, it really lacks a good season or flavor. But when dipped in the beef sauce, it fixed that issue right up.

Price wise, it was $4.49 for the beef skewer, $3.69 for the tiger tail, and $4.19 for the veggie skewer, not a bad price at all for the amount of food. If you are looking for something quick and easy, be sure to try out Bengal Barbecue next time you are in Disneyland. It is definitely worth it. Have you ate here before? Let us know in the comments what your favorite skewer is!