Disney Springs' Planet Hollywood Observatory Review

Once upon a time, Downtown Disney was the place to be for nightlife on a Disney vacation. With plenty of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, it had something for everyone. One of the most iconic sites in the area was Planet Hollywood and it’s giant globe looking restaurant. During the transformation into Disney Springs, this not so popular spot went under a reimagining.


The food used to be so so and wasn’t the best option Disney Springs offered. While under its refurb, renowned Chef Guy Fieri was brought in to add a flare to the menu. Since I had never previously eaten at this location, I was going in with no pre-existing notions to compare against. But from what I heard, it is now a better option. I would have to agree with this since the wait time for “restaurant standby” was 90 minutes at 8:00pm on a Sunday night.  


The location of the restaurant is pretty central in Disney Springs. It is located across from the Orange parking lot entrance and the Coca-Cola Store. As you enter the main floor, there is a podium for guests with reservations to check into. Otherwise there is a staff member at the base of the stairs to direct you to the upstairs check in location. At the bottom podium, we were given a yellow slip of paper that indicated we had a reservation.


Once up the stairs, you show your yellow slip to the Main Host Stand. They will then direct you to the line where you will be taken by a seater to your table. Overall, our wait was about 10 minutes total. The theming of this restaurant can only be described as… random. It has a ton of unique Hollywood memorabilia, has very loud music playing (including some sing alongs), and a massive wall of projection that shows various clips.

Once seated, we were quickly greeted by our server Faith. The seating can be cramped depending on where you are placed. The menu has quite a wide range of options, and some really cool presentations of food. The prices range from $15-$35 a plate.

My father wasn’t too hungry, so he ordered the buffalo wings. Priced at $12.99 before tax, it is a decent amount of food. There were about 6 wings with a side of celery and carrots. He said they were good, but nothing to rave about; just your typical buffalo wings. I ordered the LA Lasagna, which is one of their most popular dishes. Since it is hard to describe, here is how the menu explains it. “Fresh pasta tubes filled with ricotta and Bolognese meat sauce fried to golden brown, served with roasted garlic cream and tomato basil sauces.” In other words… delicious. I can honestly say it was one of the yummiest things I have ever eaten. It was so crispy, and such a strong flavor, and was very filling. I highly highly recommend ordering this on your next visit. The price is $19.99 before tax and could easily be split between two people.


One thing they know how to do here is dessert. It is over the top, extravagant, and delectable. We asked our server what her recommendation is out of a few narrowed down options, she told us to order the Ice Cream and Gelato Challenge.

It sounds exactly like what you would think it is. You are given a paper with 12 slots to fill in and then a tray with 12 scoops of ice cream and gelato. If you guess all 12 correctly, you get a prize. Now not trying to toot my own horn, but I am pretty good at these types of things. There are some easy guesses and others that are near impossible. The two hardest flavors on the tray I guessed correctly and my server said I was the only person she had ever seen get them correct. Overall, we got 10/12 flavors right. This was the best score a table she served, received. And to be honest… we should have gotten the last two. We were barely off on our guesses (DANG IT). The price is $15.99 before tax.


I was actually a big fan the food here and had a great experience. I would come back here continually if I was a local. They do not currently offer AP discount, but they are in the process of adding it. Have you had the chance to eat here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



As a little girl, I went to Disneyland a few times, but my true love of Disney sparked my freshman year of college. I had the chance to do a quick weekend trip to Disneyland with two friends. During this trip, I fell completely back in love with the entirety of the Walt Disney Company. It was then a few months later, my family ventured to the opposite coast and visited WDW. Here I met a CP, who inspired me to start my own Disney Journey. A few years later, I can’t get enough of Disney (ask anyone who knows me)!

I have been extremely blessed to become a Disneyland AP holder, Walt Disney World AP holder, go on a Disney Cruise, and visit Hong Kong Disneyland. In 2018, I will be visiting Disneyland Paris. I plan on eventually visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland.

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