Disney Springs' Morimoto Asia Review

Walking through Disney Springs, you overhear a majority of people referring to it as “Downtown Disney”. Over the last several years, this area received a major overhaul and was rebranded as Disney Springs. And let me tell you, it is one of the greatest refurbs Disney has ever accomplished. Not only did it expand the area, it added parking and transportation, great food options, shopping and headliner stores, and created a beautiful area for all to enjoy.

During our DCP time in Florida, Disney Springs was 50% complete. We were beginning to see the concept come to life, but we really didn’t get to enjoy it. So when I finally had time to visit the area, I couldn't say no! One of the main reasons I wanted to check it out was the addition of Morimoto Asia.

Since returning from Hong Kong, I have craved delicious and authentic Asian food. Rumor had it that this was the place to go. I made a reservation for lunch and after finishing up at my conference, I headed to Disney Springs. Because I haven’t ever visited the new area, getting off the bus was actually disorienting. I even got lost! Luckily the MyDisneyExperience app gave me directions to my destination. The restaurant is located at The Landing, aka the new center area of Disney Springs. They have the full service restaurant and a quick service spot called Morimoto Asia Street Food.

The restaurant is absolutely stunning, inside and out. I couldn’t believe how incredible the interior was, it made the experience that much better. I checked in at the front podium and was immediately seated in the main dining room. There is a bar area on the first level and a sushi table on the second level. They handed me about 4 different menus; a drink menu, the regular menu, the lunch special menu, and a kids menu (at my request). Fun fact, the kids menu comes with origami paper and instructions on how to fold creations.

My server was great and asked if I had any questions. He gave me a few minutes to look over the menu and take about a billion pictures of the menu and restaurant. After browsing all of my options, I settled on a few items. I ordered a coke (staple Jaycee item), the pork dumplings, and the kids meal orange chicken. I generally order kids portions because it is plenty of food for half the price.

First came the pork dumplings. In tradition, they are presented in a steam basket with a delicious ginger and soy sauce. Believe it or not, I am actually pretty skilled with chopsticks. I don’t think the three servers who asked if I wanted a fork believed me! These dumplings were absolutely delicious. The flavors were so well blended and strong. My mouth is watering as I write about them.

The orange chicken came with four large pieces of tempura chicken with the sauce on the side and a bowl of white rice. The chicken was the perfect amount of crunchy and light, the sauce was sweet and tangy. This is probably the best orange chicken sauce I have ever had. The dumplings were $11.00 for four pieces and the kids meal orange chicken was $12.00 (versus the $24.00 for a regular portion).  

I literally ate every single bite given to me and was full, but I asked for a dessert menu anyway. Boy this was the best decision I made that day. The menu has “dessert for two” and smaller desserts. I decided on the Melon Soda Float. Presentation of this dessert is fun to begin with, but everything about it was fantastic. The float cup has boba beads at the bottom of the glass, a few scoops of vanilla gelato, and fruit on top. The melon drink is Ramune, or marble soda. The dessert was so light and yummy, I ate every single bite and sip I could. The price was $8.00. It is one of the best desserts I have ever had.

Overall, this restaurant has become one of my favorites on Walt Disney World’s property. If you have the chance to eat here, take it!! My total cost came to $33.07 before tip. They have a 10% AP discount available. Have you had the chance to eat here? Let us know your favorite dish in the comments below!



As a little girl, I went to Disneyland a few times, but my true love of Disney sparked my freshman year of college. I had the chance to do a quick weekend trip to Disneyland with two friends. During this trip, I fell completely back in love with the entirety of the Walt Disney Company. It was then a few months later, my family ventured to the opposite coast and visited WDW. Here I met a CP, who inspired me to start my own Disney Journey. A few years later, I can’t get enough of Disney (ask anyone who knows me)!

I have been extremely blessed to become a Disneyland AP holder, Walt Disney World AP holder, go on a Disney Cruise, and visit Hong Kong Disneyland. In 2018, I will be visiting Disneyland Paris. I plan on eventually visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland.

I love all things Disney food, Disney merch, and Disney entertainment. You can usually find me in the park, drinking a coke and waiting for a show or parade. If you ever see me, be sure to say hello! I love making new Disney Friends.