DCA's Cove Bar Review

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One of the hidden gems in Disneyland is the Cove Bar, located next to the entrance of Ariel’s Grotto on Paradise Pier. It is outdoors with lots of tables, most of the area is covered by a pavilion to keep is shaded. They also have heat lanterns scattered throughout so when it starts to get chilly at night, the lamps will keep you warm. This is one location that does not utilize the ADR (advanced dining reservation) system and there is always a decent wait time to be seated here. The location opens at 11:00am and generally closes around 7pm before World of Color preparations begin, AP discounts are available here.

Since we knew there would be a line almost the whole day, we decided to be there at opening time. They begin setting up the line at about 10:30am and people will begin lining up immediately. We jumped in line at 10:30 and had only two parties in front of us, within the next thirty minutes, the line was completely full. We were seated right at opening time, so we only had to wait 30 minutes total.

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Since this is a bar technically, most of the menu is obviously drinks, but they do have an appetizer menu with six items. Most people come here for the Lobster Nachos, but I have a fear of fish and don’t eat anything that comes from water… and Erica has to be picky with her lobster, so we decided to try something else. We ordered the Fajita Quesadilla Rolls, the price tag was $11 for the plate before tax. Erica and I split the plate and it was the perfect amount of food. They are filled with chicken, onions, and peppers with lots of melty cheese. There is a good spicy sauce with it and comes with pico and guacamole on the side. It was extremely delicious!

For drinks, we went the lemonade route. Erica and I both do not drink, so we stayed the non-alcoholic route. But for those who do drink, there are plenty of drink options. One of the most popular is the Mickey’s Fun Wheel and is a secret drink, it will not be listed on the menu. Erica and I ordered the All Natural Lemonade, the Wild Strawberry Lemonade, and the Cotton Candy Lemonade. All three were refreshing and delicious, but the winner was the Cotton Candy Lemonade, it was the perfect blend of tangy and sweet. Each drink was about $5.00, so the total with food and drinks came to ~$27 before taxes, after the AP discount it was 22.09 before tip and tax.

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If you have the time in your day to visit the Cove Bar, do it! It is a beautiful location with great food and drinks. It was one of our favorite parts of the trip and we will most definitely try to go again. Have you experienced the Cove Bar? What has been your favorite menu item? Let us know in the comments!



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