Chronicles of the Disney Flip Flops

EricaWhitePhoto_2017 March_SFDblog_flipflops-9511-2.jpg

Let me take you back to a day in January of 2015…. I was at the parks on a day off with Erica and Kat. I had already had extremely bad luck with my shoes breaking at the park, and that day would be the worst of them all. We were walking through Tomorrowland and with Kat’s lovely assistance, my shoe broke completely when she accidentally stepped on my heel. (Don’t worry, she is forgiven). But of course, that meant I would need to purchase shoes immediately seeing as they frown upon bare feet in the parks. The only store around was Mickey’s Star Traders, so we headed into the store. At the very back, there was about 2 options of flip flops. Both expensive and both “ehhh” in look. But I was desperate, so I purchased a lovely pair of croc flip flops. Let me tell you, these are quite the beauties… but they have became my go-to shoes to wear in the parks.

Once purchased, I almost wore them on a daily basis in Disney World. They never matched my outfit, but boy were they comfortable! And so these shoes have traveled with me to all Disney locations. First Disney World, then Disney Cruise Line, then Hong Kong Disneyland, and then Disneyland many times over.

Let me take you a on a little tour with these shoes…

Two years later, they are still holding strong and I will continue to wear them as long as I can. They literally never match my outfits, but they are so dang comfortable to walk in. I truly don’t know what will happen when these shoes inevitably will leave me. Do you have a go-to pair of shoes in the parks? Let us know what they are in the comments!