Magic Kingdom's Be Our Guest Lunch Review

Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test! That’s quite literally what I did during a trip to Magic Kingdom. Okay that’s not the whole truth… I love eating here. I do it on almost every trip! I really just love the grey stuff because it is delicious. Alright I’ve got all the puns out of the way, now I’ll provide the rest. Okay now I’m done!


Breakfast and lunch are both considered a quick service meal, but a reservation is highly recommended and even required at times. You can pre-order your food up to 30 days in advance, I suggest doing so. It saves you time during your meal! You will check in at the front podium and they will direct you to one of two lines, preorder or regular ordering.


Once you get to a kiosk, you will scan your a rose and begin selecting your food. After you get everything ordered, you will pay and get your receipt. Take both your receipt and your rose to your table. You can sit anywhere that is open in any of the three rooms. Leave your rose on the table with your receipt and you are welcome to get your drinks and silverware.


I generally find that the easiest place to find a seat is the ballroom or the library. The west wing is the most popular. Feel free to explore the restaurant, it is beautiful! They will deliver your food to your table, just like magic. In usual Jaycee fashion, I ordered off the kid menu. I got the Grilled Cheese with Turkey Noodle Soup, a side of fries, and a small water bottle. I also ordered a regular coke and a Grey Stuff Cupcake.


My food was yummy, nothing to really rave about. There are better dishes to order, but I felt like trying something new. I would easily order this again in the future. The cupcake is the star of the meal, it is one of my favorite desserts on any Disney property. My total came to $17.87 after everything. Eating here is something special, I highly recommend taking any chance you can to do it. Have you had a chance to eat at Be Our Guest? Let us know your favorite dessert in the comments below!