Animal Kingdom's Flame Tree Barbecue Review


During my time living in Florida, I honestly did not visit Animal Kingdom as often as I should have. It was the furthest park to get to and was always so humid (plants and all). There are some key attractions and shows here that are a major draw to the park, but it was hard to justify spending more than a few hours to see those select things. Of course this will all be changing very soon with the addition of Pandora-The World of Avatar.

Because of my lack of visits to this park, I really wasn’t sure where I should grab a meal on my recent trip. I didn’t plan ahead too much when it came to picking a quick service location, I figured I would follow my nose. And because of this, I found a great hidden gem in Animal Kingdom; Flame Tree Barbecue!

Located on Discovery Island, next to the Tree of Life, I ventured to see what was available on the menu. As the name depicts, it has a great variety of BBQ options. I absolutely love anything drenched in sauce, so I knew I found a great spot for dinner. The location is open from 11:00am to 4:00pm for lunch and 4:00pm to 9:00pm (park close) for dinner typically. The menu is identical either time you dine here.

After looking at all my options ranging from ribs, to roasted chicken, I decided on the Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich. It typically comes with coleslaw on the sandwich and baked beans on the side. I ordered the sandwich a la-carte since I do not like beans. I also couldn’t resist the chocolate mousse for dessert and ordered my usual coca-cola to pair with any meal. AP discount is available, my total came to $13.87.


The sandwich does not come with any sauce, there are condiment stations that have a few options for BBQ sauce. I opted for a sweet and spicy BBQ and poured about a gallon on the sandwich because, why not? The meat had a great smoky flavor and was tender, but not fatty. The bun was buttery and sweet. Overall the sandwich was delicious and I would order it again. The dessert was chocolatey and sweet, but nothing to rave about.


After a long hot day, this was the perfect meal to give me my final boost of energy needed to get through the remainder of my day. Have you ever ate at the Flame Tree Barbecue before? If so, what is your go to item?