Our Top 10 Must Eat Savory Treats at Disneyland

Disneyland is famed for the delicious and exciting treats they have available around the park. Any corner you turn, there is a smell that makes your mouth water and prompts you to open your wallet. It is almost a guarantee that whatever you eat will be satisfying, but there are some treats that are just better than others. We are counting down our 10 favorite savory Disneyland treats for you today!

(Don’t worry, we’ll do our top ten sweet treats as well!)


10. Turkey Leg | Carts Around the Park

While I am not a fan of these, I know they are raved about by many. These can feed several people as a treat, so start to pass it along and enjoy the salty meat.

 Source:  Sasaki Time

Source: Sasaki Time

9. Bread Cones | Cozy Cone Motel

There are varieties of this savory option, so really something for everyone. Our personal favorite is the mac & cheese cone.

 Source:  Food Beast

Source: Food Beast

8. Popcorn | Carts Around the Park

Disneyland popcorn is just better than any other popcorn.. it must be the pixie dust. Grab a bucket when you sit down to enjoy a show next time. There are even speciality popcorns around the park for you to enjoy.

 Source:  Twitter

Source: Twitter

7. Safari Skewer | Bengal Barbecue

Asparagus wrapped in bacon with lemon juice, all on a skewer. This is a quick snack but can help curb your appetite until you are able to have a full meal.

6. Corn Dog | Little Red Wagon

Well-known for a long time, the little red wagon  has the best hand dipped corn dogs, probably best in the world. Huge and crispy, they make for a salty snack or meal if you eat it by yourself. 

 Source:  Instagram

Source: Instagram

5. Jalapeño Cheese Pretzel | Refreshment Corner

A classic Mickey pretzel is yummy, but find one filled with Jalapeño cheese and you have a winner. It has a bit of a salty burn, but is not overwhelming. Pair with a classic coke and you are set! 

 Source:  Liz the Diz Wiz

4. Fried Pickles | Carnation Cafe

I recently tried these fried pickles and fell in love.. with fried pickles. Pickle spears that are juicy and has a great crunch, a tangy dipping sauce, you will never want to stop eating them.

3. Pickle | Various Places Around the Park

We are fans of pickles here, they never fail to satisfy. These big pickles bite back in the right way and refresh you on any given day. 

 Source:  PopSugar

Source: PopSugar

2. Pommes Frites | Cafe Orleans

I dream about these french fries regularly. Seasoned to perfection and covered in cheese, you will order 5 baskets of these french fries. I wish I could drink the dipping sauce. 


1. Fried Chicken | Plaza Inn

My winner in savory snacks is the fried chicken at Plaza Inn. If I had to choose a final meal, it would probably be fried chicken from here. While a full order is a meal for 2, you can order chicken al a carte to snack on.

 Source:  Eater LA

Source: Eater LA

What are your favorite savory treats at Disneyland? Let us know in the comments!



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