The Princess Purpose | Snow White

The OG herself deserves to be in the spotlight more often than she is. So this month Snow is our Princess with a Purpose. While some may argue that she has a lack of character development and her only desire was to marry a prince, we completely disagree.

 Source:  Gify

Source: Gify

This maiden was fairest in the land, but didn't live for only that title. She had a heart of gold and was ready to serve anyone. While living with the Evil Queen, she kept a smile on her face and a song in her heart. This song you could often here in a whistle as she worked. No matter the situation she was in, Snow White never felt bad for herself. She simply kept pushing forward to find a better future for herself.

She is selfless, through and through. I mean who else would go live in a house full of messy dwarfs and clean up after them? Sure they gave her a bed, but that didn't automatically make her the housekeeper. No, she decided to be helpful all on her own. She never complained about the work either and sang her happy tune while sweeping up.

 Source:  Gify

Source: Gify

She went through a lot of scary stuff but never let that break her. She kept herself positive and always found the good in everything. This positivity made even the grumpiest dwarf shed a tear for her when she was cursed. While that positivity may have gotten her into a sticky situation (hello, you can say no to a hag with a pie girlfriend), it all worked out in the end. 

Snow White is a beauty, but her value is much more than surface level. She would bake you a gooseberry pie and clean your house, even if you didn't ask her to. She can sense situations where she is able to serve, which we say makes her a dang good candidate for queen someday. Next time you are feeling down, remember to whistle while you work and that your happiness is right around the corner, just like Snow White.



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