Dose of Disney Men | Han Solo

Who doesn’t love Han Solo? I mean he has been a heart throb since he flew into our lives with the release of A New Hope all those years ago. But with the recent release of Solo: A Star Wars Film, we have many added layers to the man we know as Han Solo. It is these added layers that have made him our Disney man this month!

 Source:  IMDb

Source: IMDb

First of all, what a dreamboat to look at. Tall, brown curly hair and that smirk say it all—he is a catch. Throughout the movie, he constantly charms his way into your hearts with those eyes and sass! But not only do his looks charm you, his wit and humor are unbelievably attractive. But these aren’t the only reason we love him; it is just one of the many.

His aspirations are shown throughout the film. We learn that his father was an aspiring pilot who never lived out his dream, but that doesn’t stop Han. Because of his aspirations and strength, he is able to make the kessel run in 12 (rounding down) parsecs. He is willing to go the distance to accomplish his goals.

I’m sure we have all wondered how Chewie and Han became friends. Thanks to Solo, we now know that Han did in fact save Chewie from being a slave and befriended him along the way. This pair was a match made in heaven and both fight for the good that they see. Their brotherhood gives you a glimpse into how Han cares about those he loves.

 Source:  IMDb

Source: IMDb

But Chewie isn’t the only relationship we see in this film. Here we get to know Qi’ra, a childhood best friend of Han. Now I know Han and Leia are cannon… but I absolutely loved his relationship with Qi’ra. After failing to both get out of slavery as teenagers, Han swears he will go back for her. In fact he spends years working his way back to Corellian to save her. And even after all she goes through, his heart sees the good in her.

He is the good guy, as Qi’ra says. Han was always a conflicted character in the original trilogy, constantly looking after himself. But at the end of the day, we knew we could rely on Han to help save the galaxy. This is because of his good heart that he has since childhood. Even after all the crap he goes through and the betrayal of his first love, he still does what is right despite his own desires.

Han Solo is a man of many layers, but once you peel them back you find a truly good hearted man who loves unconditionally and will fight for the cause he believes in.



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