Epcot's Le Cellier Steakhouse Lunch Review

Epcot is full of diverse and delicious options for food. You can quite literally travel to any country and get a dish to satisfy your international cravings. There are quick service options, food booths from festivals and plenty of sit-down options. One of my favorites is located right at the beginning of the World Showcase in Canada: Le Cellier Steakhouse.


Open from 12:30pm to park close, this eatery will be sure to impress. It is a signature dining, meaning it is a bit nicer and more expensive than regular sit down options at a Disney Park. The theme of this restaurant is quite literally its name, a cellar! Situated in the back of the Canada Pavilion, you will find the restaurant entrance.


After checking in, I was seated in a quaint 2-person table as I was dining alone. My server came over and introduced herself and explained the menu to me. This is a steakhouse, so you shouldn't be surprised that their menu hosts several cuts of beef. To begin, I ordered a coke and she brought a bread basket which alone was satisfying beyond words. I highly recommend the pretzel bread!


Since I was in “Canada” I knew I had to try the house poutine. This consisted of french fries, Canadian cheddar, truffles and a red wine reduction sauce. Boy… if I could have those everyday, I would! They have another version of poutine, but I would suggest the house version. You can thank me later.


For my entree (even though I was already full at this point), I ordered the filet mignon, my go-to steak. It was placed on top of a mushroom risotto and was accompanied by an asparagus-tomato relish and a to die for truffle butter sauce on top. The steak was cooked perfectly and overall was great. I do not like mushrooms, so I avoided the risotto. In the end, I was very impressed with the food.


Finally, I had to end with the Maple Creme Brûlée because… maple! This dessert was great, but nothing to overly rave about. I did enjoy the extra flavor of the maple added in, it helped make it a bit different than your usual creme brûlée.

This location does have a 10% AP discount, my total bill was $73.32 before tip. It is a bit spendier than other locations in Epcot, but if you are looking for a high quality meal, this would be my recommendation without a doubt. There is something for everyone and the atmosphere is very unique. And don’t forget to order the poutine!