LEGO Disney: Fun For All Ages

Where to Buy Them

Have you ever been to the LEGO store at Downtown Disney in California? This was one of my first experiences with LEGO. They had amazing sculptures and the store had such cool things to look at.


Well about a year and a half ago we went to Disneyland and saw the Disney castle there. It was love at first sight. We had to have it. We just didn’t have a way of bringing it on the plane with us so we weren’t able to get it.


My husband did some research and we found out we have a LEGO store by where we live. Once we got home we hurried over there and bought it. It took us 2 weeks to build. After that we were hooked. We have many Disney LEGO sets, Marvel LEGO sets and Star Wars LEGO sets. They are so fun for my family to put together because we are able to spend time together building. They also make amazing souvenirs! My husband bought a Darth Vader for his souvenir when we went to Disneyland one time.


Make Memories with Your Family

A cute story here: My birthday was coming up and my husband asked my son what he wanted to get me for my birthday. He quickly said, “The Beauty and the Beast LEGO castle.” My husband didn’t think they had one but lo and behold they did. My son and I were able to build the set together. So many great memories I will always treasure.


more reasons you should be a lego-lover

LEGO’s also make great decorations. My husband had all of his LEGO’s displayed in his office. My kids would often bring friends and family in there and show off the LEGO’s that we built together. LEGO’s are also great for your hand eye coordination and it helps with screen time. My littles seem to love screen time but with LEGO’s out, they don’t seem to think about screen time.

Disney LEGO’s have been such a fun hobby for my little family! If you ever have a chance to go to the LEGO store in Downtown Disney I suggest you go! In the very least, pick up a Disney LEGO set and put it together and see how much fun it really is!

Happy building!