A Very Merry Christmas as a Disney Store Seasonal Employee

 Source: The Disney Store  LinkedIn

Source: The Disney Store LinkedIn

Within the Walt Disney Company, there are seasonal positions that you will find every so often. It basically allows Disney to hire individuals for a short period of time during peak seasons. Most commonly you will find this in the theme parks, but during the Holiday season, the Disney Store brings in several seasonal employees.

After leaving Florida, I wanted to be part of the company again so badly. I missed making magic for a living! I kept my eye on the Disney Careers board to see if there were any Disney Store associate positions opening up at my local Disney Store. Early October, a seasonal position was posted so I applied as quickly as I could!

It was just like applying for any other Disney Job; you go through the application process, upload your resume, and wait to be contacted. The day I applied, I received a call from the store and was asked to come in for an interview. The interview itself was a group interview with about 8 other individuals. They asked a few questions, had you read a Disney book to the group, and got to know you a little bit more as an individual. After the group interview, they said they would call us to let us know if we were extended the position or not. That night, I got a call and they said I would be joining the team!

I was scheduled for a few days of training, a lot of it was really familiar since it is the basic Disney training. I did not have a costume at that time, so I was asked to wear all black with either a skirt or black pants. I had a fake name tag for the time being. There were about 6 seasonal employees they brought on, I was one of the final hirees. After we were all trained, we were told that we would be schedule one shift a week and two call in shifts minimum. For the call in shifts, you would call an hour before to see if they needed you. If they were okay, you did not have to work.

Of course, the craziest days were Black Friday and the few days leading up to Christmas. I was trained all throughout the store and absolutely loved it. I helped people find merchandise, checked them out, cleaned the store up (folded a lot of shirts), and helped make their experience as magical as possible.

Once Christmas was over, I was not scheduled for any other shifts and my position officially ended the second week of January. While my time with the Disney Store was short and sweet, it gave me just a little bit of extra pixie dust during the Holiday season. Plus, the cast member discount came in handy for Christmas that year! If you are wondering if this position is for you, I strongly encourage you to apply. It was such an rewarding experience and I would love to be back making magic again as soon as I can be!




As a little girl, I went to Disneyland a few times, but my true love of Disney sparked my freshman year of college. I had the chance to do a quick weekend trip to Disneyland with two friends. During this trip, I fell completely back in love with the entirety of the Walt Disney Company. It was then a few months later, my family ventured to the opposite coast and visited WDW. Here I met a CP, who inspired me to start my own Disney Journey. A few years later, I can’t get enough of Disney (ask anyone who knows me)!

I have been extremely blessed to become a Disneyland AP holder, Walt Disney World AP holder, go on a Disney Cruise, and visit Hong Kong Disneyland. In 2018, I will be visiting Disneyland Paris. I plan on eventually visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland.

I love all things Disney food, Disney merch, and Disney entertainment. You can usually find me in the park, drinking a coke and waiting for a show or parade. If you ever see me, be sure to say hello! I love making new Disney Friends.