Who Put the Glad in Gladiator?

If you sang my title and finished it with “Hercules!” we need to be friends because this title showcases my absolute favorite Disney movie of all time and the subject of this post today.

Hercules is one of those movies that represents a special part of my childhood. I mean I have home videos of me in a diaper, dancing in front of the TV screen to this movie; that’s how ingrained into my life Hercules has become. As I have grown up however, I have grown more in love with the great gospel music, the morals of courage, sacrifice, finding your place in the world, and believing in yourself. The world can be a pretty crushing place sometimes but this movies offers hopeful reminder that finding your place in the world often means accepting yourself and who are inside. This fact is best stated by one of my favorite quotes from the movie: “For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength but by the strength of his/her heart.”

Hercules also features one of the cutest love stories in Disney lore: Hercules himself and his sassy “damsel in distress” Megara (although her friends call her Meg or at least they would if she had any friends).These two are seriously relationship goals! Hercules is clumsy, shy, and awkward around the fiery brunette but eventually shows her that it is okay to trust and fall in love again after getting hurt. For any girl or woman who has ever fallen in love and been hurt or rejected, Meg is the perfect role model to show that is okay to keep your heart open for the one person who will take care of it.  

If there is one thing that I could say makes this movie unique and stand alone from other Disney movies, it would DEFINITELY be the music. Every single song just comes alive on the screen with its gospel vibe and incredible vocalists! I just can’t help but move, groove, and dance every time I watch!

All in all, Hercules is, in this Disney Sisters’ opinion, one of the best Disney movies ever made! It has heart, action, comedy, great music, and inspiring messages that remind us that you can go the distance to discover true love, find your place in the world, and achieve your goals. So to you, my lovely friends, I ask once more: Who put the glad in Gladiator?